MAC’s Trace Gold Blush/Highlighter (RAVE)

If you read my post about the MAC Indulge launch event, you’ll remember that I mentioned falling in love with MAC’s Trace Gold blush after a makeup artist used it on me.  It’s not a product that I ever would have looked at by myself. A medium golden powder with tiny gold shimmer, it shouts glitter-face when you see it. But I can promise you, it is not. This blush is literally a healthy glow miracle in a pan. To keep this short and sweet, here are a few things that I have been noticing and loving about this product recently… which also make it worth the price tag (thank you MAC):

Highlight factor-  Trace Gold is intended to be a blush but any MUA will tell you it’s also used as a highlighter, due to the powder’s sheen and fine shimmer . If you’re really fair, you may get some colour. But if you’re a medium skintone like myself, you’re mostly going to get the finish of the product rather than the colour- which is gorgeous (more below).

 Healthy Glow- What I love MOST about this product is how it really makes your skin look like it’s glowing from within. Considering that I have oily skin, the mattifying powders I use can sometimes leave my skin looking a bit dull. But pop a bit of this on the high points of the face- particularly on the tops of my cheekbones- and all of a sudden I look healthy and almost dewy.

Sheer shimmer- As one of MAC’s Sheertone Shimmers, the powder itself is sheer in colour. This means that unlike many of the highlighters on the market, you won’t look really frosty or really pink if you use a heavy hand. Instead, your cheeks will just have a more noticeable sheen.

For any of you who may be curious if this is appropriate for the day time, I would say yes– as long as it’s used sparingly. The last thing anyone wants is to be walking down the street sparkling like Edward Cullen from Twilight. Let’s leave that for the movies- and for someone with a 6 pack (haha!). But of course, that is just my preference. I also avoid applying this where I have enlarged pores (near my nose).

 If you’ve used Trace Gold, or have any other favourite highlighters, do let me know! And please don’t forget to follow this blog (follow tool is on the right) if you want to keep up to date with future reviews and posts! 🙂

MAC Trace Gold

Please excuse the yucky picture quality! Top photos: product. Bottom left: Sheen on my hand from application. Bottom right: Packed onto my finger to show the tone


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