Not So Hot- Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Hollywoodland

Sometimes new beauty finds are a win, other times, they’re not. My first taste of Nars is sadly a not.

Despite the expensive prices, I’ve always wanted to try Nars products, having heard great things about their foundations and concealers. Recently, I stumbled across a Nars set at Winners (yay, Canadians!), which was originally a Sephora exclusive. After gifting some of the products to friends’ on their birthdays, I ended up with the Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Hollywoodland for myself.


Originally priced at a steep $28, the Soft Touch Shadow Pencils are described as creamy, long-wearing shadow pencil that can be used all over the eye and layered with powder shadows for a more intense look. The shade Hollywoodland is a gorgeous pale gold/champagne colour. Sadly, the product rave stops there- aside from being pretty, these pencils kind of awful. And here’s why:

Horrible creasing– Regardless of whether you use a primer, set with powder, or both- you will end up with streaks of creamy glitter on your eyelid that are difficult to blend out. And according to Sephora user reviews, this is the case with the entire line.

Wasted product– The classic wood design means that the pencils need to be sharpened, in turn wasting a lot product (sadly the case with some of their lip pencils as well).

The only way I can seem to make this pencil work is by using it as cream highlight or topped over a dark eyeliner for a glittery sheen. Despite the fact that the colour range is beautiful, the price and quality of these pencils do not make them a worthy purchase for me. In future, I think I’ll be sticking to Nars’ more popular products. I’ve got my eye on a couple of their concealers and who knows, perhaps those will get a rave review.

In the mean time, if you’ve have any Nars products that you love and recommend, I’d love to hear more in the comments below!


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