Bioderma- Is it worth the hype?


Bioderma has been an online beauty community favourite for quite some time now. Pull up a monthly favourites video of any YouTube beauty blogger, and you have a good chance of finding this in the list. Unfortunately, I’m not impressed. Simply put, this is one of those products where if you have it, you’ll find ways to make use of it. And if you don’t have it- well, you’re not missing out.

What it is: A makeup removing solution, with a light watery texture, which is supposed to remove makeup by “eating” it and absorbing it into the cotton pad, rather than spreading it around your face.

Do I believe it? Not really. This just seems like your average, oil-free makeup remover to me.

To be quite honest, what disappointed me most about this product was the functionality. When it came to removing general makeup, Bioderma took it off. But I found I was using quite a lot of product to get a clean face (how wasteful!). To top it off, it left my skin with a noticeable film that I definitely could feel, even when washing my face after. When it came to removing eye makeup I was plain not impressed. While it took off most my eyeshadow, it still left traces of eyeliner and mascara behind. My favourite oil-based eye makeup remover by Marcelle definitely does a way better job at leaving me with a clean finish.

What I find Bioderma good for is convenience. It’s small and light, easy to throw in an overnight bag instead of lugging around several makeup removing products. It’s nice when you want a quick wipe over your eyes in the morning to remove any leftover eye makeup from the night before. It’s quite convenient to clean up makeup boo-boos and smudges without messing up the rest of your face. I can see myself taking this to work if I am going out and want to refresh my face. But that’s about it.

Overall, I was not greatly impressed with this product. While I don’t find myself reaching for it all the time, I think it’s fine to have around for travel or emergency purposes. But I can’t say that I’ll be running to stock up on bottles any time soon.

If you have any thoughts on Bioderma, I’d love to hear them below. 🙂


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