Pretty Beautique Articles

Pretty Beautique is a New York-based online beauty publication founded by model and TV beauty expert Lady Emmy. The magazine offers beauty, skincare and haircare tips and articles, product information and expert advice.


No Parabens, No Problems
Pretty Beautique  |  July 2017

Your Guide to the Best Affordable Eyeshadows
Pretty Beautique  |  April 2017

Concealing the details: The Inside Scoop on Concealers
Pretty Beautique  |  February 2017

“Lip Looks for Winter”
Pretty Beautique  |  December 2016

“Fall Fragrances for Your Personality”
Pretty Beautique  |  November 2016

“Get Set! Top Setting Spray for Any Finish”
Pretty Beautique | September 2016

“Take it off! A Guide to Makeup Removers”
Pretty Beautique | August 2016

“All About Bronzers”
Pretty Beautique  |  May 2016

“L’Oreal Masters Matte”
Pretty Beautique  |  May 2016

“Give Me that Glow!”
Pretty Beautique | September 2015

“Falling for Fall Nails”
Pretty Beautique | December 2015


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